Kegels for Hegel

Dykon Fagatron Queer Dance Party at Crocker Bar, Houston, TX

February 28, 2015

Dykon Fagatron is a Houston-based dance party for queer non-conformists, female-identified gendernauts, bi-furious lovebirds, trans celebrants, lesbian fact-checkers, gay homofriends.  It began with a bunch of queers complaining about the lack of queer spaces in Houston. The talented and clever and charismatic art queers Anna Elise Johnson and Andy Campbell decided to do something about this problem. They attended the Charge symposium and apply for the grant that came from the symposium fees. The grant winner was voted on by the symposium attendees, and they won! The grant allowed the party to be free as well as to pay its performers.  Kegels for Hegel and Biz Vicious were around for some of the planning stages and name brainstorming stages of Dykon Fagatron and were some of the first acts booked.  Once Anna Elise and Andy stepped down, the fanfuckingasticly talented Biz Vicious and Queermo took over. Dykon Fagatron was not invented to belong to one person but the community and passes on the leadership baton every year or so.  In a world where the talent of cis white men is overly valued,  Dykon Fagatron has a commitment to booking as many acts as possible by queer POC and gender nonconforming folks. Funded by a 2014 Charge Grant from Art League Houston, Dykon Fagatron believes in paying cultural workers for their time and energies, and PAYS OUT. Dykon Fagatron has brought acts like Brandon West,  DJs Fine and Dandy, Queermo, GRRRL Parts, Morena Roas, Giant Kitty, DJ Kenny Evans, and many, many more.  Dykon Fagatron has brought about sweaty humping, drunken makeouts, queer community, as well as artistic collaborations like the one between Biz Vicious and Kegels for Hegel.


Advertisement for Kegels for Hegel performance at Dykon Fagatron.

Dance floor, Crocker Bar, 28 Feb 2015.

Performance shot

Brain Eating Contest

The winner of the Kegels for Hegel Brain Eating Contest shows off their prize.

DJs Fine and Dandy

MC Tyte, Biz Vicious, and Andy Campbell

Astro Pomo a Go-go Boys who danced with K4H

K4H and Pomo a Go-Go Boys perform I wanna Fight you to the Death (Love Song to G.W.F. Hegel)

K4H with Astro Boy