Mobile Artists' Yard Sale

Nov 14-15, 21-22

Various Locations (Austin)

The Pastelegram Mobile Artists’ Yard Sale features items from the studios and offices of Pastelegram’s many collaborators including artists' proofs, failed artworks, works that never sold, sketches, working photographs, books, back issues of magazines, art supplies, tools, used machines, rocks, interesting materials, negative spaces from past collages, found objects, special objects and other assorted power objects and totems all priced to sell for $50 or less.

The yard sale will take place in various locations within the East Austin Studio Tour boundaries during all four days of the event. Check back for current times and locations.

Nov 14th, 11am - 6pm
Pump Project
702 Shady Lane
Nov 15th, 11am - 6pm
916 Springdale Road
Nov 21st, 11am - 6pm
Bolm Studios
5305 Bolm Road
Nov 22nd, 11am - 6pm
Pump Project
702 Shady Lane

@ Museum of Human Achievement, Spring 2015

@ Jo's Coffee, Spring 2015

@ WEST Headquarters, Spring 2015

A quiet break during the day.

A hypothetical depiction.

This events aims to celebrate and give value to the objects that surround the art worker’s practice. It promotes an understanding of art production as coming out of situated lives lived in the world over time.  We understand the artist or writer as not only a maker of objects but also as someone who thinks about the world in which they live, someone who transmutes everyday experience into a telling object or image, that is, a thing that tells us of other things.


Photographs of the studio of Xochi Solis, courtesy of Xochi.



Ariel Evans, Austin, TX
Editor, Pastelegram

Alison Hearst, Fort Worth, TX
Board member, Pastelegram

Ariel Jackson, New York, NY
Writer, print issue no. 4

Allison Myers, Houston, TX
Editor, Pastelegram

Ben Ruggiero, Austin, TX
Comrade, Sofa Gallery

Barry Stone, Austin, TX
Artist, print issue no. 1

C.C. Marsh, Los Angeles, CA
Editor, print issue no. 3

Chelsea Weathers, Austin, TX
Editor, Pastelegram

Dan Chelotti, Easthampton, MA
Poet, online issue no. 9

George Pasterk, Austin, TX
Comrade, Church of the Friendly Ghost / MASS Gallery

Josh Conrad, Austin, TX
Designer, Pastelegram

Juliana Paciuli, Los Angeles, CA
Comrade, artist

Kristina Felix, Easthampton, MA
Artist, online issue no. 1

Kris Pierce, Fort Worth, TX
Comrade, artist

Kathryn Scanlan, Los Angeles, CA
Writer, print issue no. 3 / online issue no. 9

Kyle Schlesinger, Austin, TX
Speaker, Two Ships Passing

Lauren Green, Taos, NM
Composer, online issue no. 9

Laura Lindenberger Wellen, Houston, TX
Writer, online issue no. 2

Mary Walling Blackburn, Dallas, TX / Brooklyn, NY
Artist, print issue no. 4

Margaret Meehan, Dallas, TX
Artist, online issue no. 9

Noah Simblist, Dallas, TX
Board member, Pastelegram

Rafael Kelman, Dallas, TX / Brooklyn, NY
Artist, print issue no. 4

Ricky Yanas, Philadelphia, PA
Artist, print issue no. 2

Robin Williams, Austin, TX
Writer, online issue no. 5

Sterling Allen, Austin, TX
Artist, online project

T.J. Hunt, Philadelphia, PA
Editor, Pastelegram

Xochi Solis, Austin, TX
Comrade, University of Texas Visual Arts Center / MASS Gallery